Rules and Regulation

General Rules

  • At the time of admission , a medical fitness certificates shall be submitted by the student
  • Every student shall have to attend theory& practical classes. They are not supposed to leave Institute premises without permission of the Principal
  • Student can take leave from the classes only with the prior permission of the principal.
  • Misbehavior with any staff member of the Institution will result in being debarred from the exams expelled from the Institution
  • Ragging is an offence .Any student involved in such activity will be immediately expelled from the Institution without any prior notice
  • All the student should pay fees/dues before the commencement of the new academic year.
  • The students must clear a;; the dues of the Institution & hostel before commencement of examinations. Otherwise they will not be allowed to take the examinations.
  • Every student must attend the classes ,tests, assignment and clinical without fail
  • The student should be prompt in submitting the records and assignment in time
  • No student is permitted to use the mobile phone in the college campus


  • Student are responsible for up keeping their rooms
  • Private use of servants (or) tipping of servants is not allowed
  • Fans & lights should be turned off before leaving the rooms .Particular care should be taken not to leave bath room lights burning unnecessarily.
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter in student’s room.
  • Whenever the students are leaving the hostel on vacation or on leave, they should give a written intimation to the Principal/Warden regarding the date and time of arrival and departure from the hostel
  • Student will have to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations the date and time of arrival and departure from the hostel.
  • Student will have to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the hostel.
  • Only the visitors authorized by the parents at the time of admission will be permitted to meet the student on holidays.
  • Consuming intoxicants, smoking , shewing gutkas, spitting on the walls and corridors is strictly prohibited in the hotels
  • The hostellers should not create or cause any kind of nuisance, disturbance to the neighborhood people and damage to the Institute property. If they do so strict disciplinary action will be taken by the Management
  • Use of stoves/Electric Heaters or any other electric appliance is not allowed in the hostel.

    • Mess Rules:

    • All the students, staying in the hostels, should join mess.
    • No student is allowed to carry food to her room.
    • Student should cooperate in the upkeep of the mess
    • Cooking is not allowed in the room