Message From Director

Director cum Secretary General

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to sanjeevani family to our 7th years of existence to share my perceptions,feelings and thoughts. The secret of health for both mind & body is not to mourn for past, not to worry about the future, but to live the present moment joyfully & working earnestly. Nursing is a noble profession & professional nursing isan art & science dominated by the idea service in which certain principlesare applied. Education is the all round development of an individual, itinclude two components teaching and learning. Teaching is astimulation,quidance, direction & encouragement of learning .Learning is the process of developing the ability torespond adequately to situations & circumstances The nursing educationunder sanjeevni Institute of nursing is a planned integrated program foreducation of professional nurse, which is dynamic, therapeutic & educativeprocess in meeting the changing health needs of the society To my mind an education institute is not just about bricks,motors & concrete but about building character, enriching minds & aboutenriching experience that lasts a lifetime. We at sanjeevani are engaged in supporting the students torefine the necessary skills, attitudes & aptitudes so that they come out asfully developed professionals working for the betterment of the society I wish you a prosperous & bright future & blissfultime ahead.